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jeudi 27 juillet 2017
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Histoire : Daily Life in Auschwitz from British Intelligence decrypts, 1942

Bletchley Park

British Intelligence successfully decoded messages from the German labour-camps through the year 1942. It happened at Bletchley Park, where the famous Enigma codebreaker, with the huge calculating-engine called Colossus beside it, opened the German codes. That had a key role in Britain winning the War by giving vital info about submarine positions etc, -but, little attention has been given to its disclosures about the concentration-camps.

Enigma cipher machine

Kept as top-secret for fifty years, that material was finally released in the mid-1990s. Before that, historians had little more to go on, than a summary of it made by the British intelligence-analyst F.H. Hinsley, back in 1981, where he obscurely stated : "The return from Auschwitz, the largest of the camps with 20000 prisoners, mentioned illness as the main cause of death, but included references to shootings and hangings. There were no references in the decrypts to gassings" [1]. Once this data was released, an unexpected problem arose : the priceless decrypts –the most authentic information anyone could possibly want about daily camp life under the Nazis– yielded no crumb of evidence that any "Final Solution" had been ongoing ! Quickly, experts had to start started apologising for how British Intel had somehow "failed to apprehend" the Holocaust [2]. More recently the historian Nick Terry has concluded, "It would therefore seem as if British intelligence was largely hoodwinked in the first half of 1942" [3]. Was it ? Rather feebly, experts were obliged to conjecture –as Holo-historians had been doing through the previous decade– that innocuous-sounding phrases concealed the fiendish meaning and intention. For example, sending Jews "to the East" alluded to mass gassing [4]. But is that really how historians are meant to behave ? Should not their conclusions be drawn from the data, rather than imposed upon it ? We here explore the view, that the understanding by British Intelligence of these decrypts, was sound.

Vue d’Auschwitz-Birkenau, en Pologne

I came to peruse these top-secret wartime documents in the Public Record Office in the autumn of 2012 [5], thrilled to turn over the crinkly pages with old, blue typewriter-print and MOST SECRET... NEVER TO BE REMOVED FROM THE OFFICE red-inked across the top. Here were confidential wartime documents from the head of MI6 to the Prime Minister Winston Churchill, plus decrypts straight from Auschwitz ! I apprehended why the Holo-historians had not wanted to know about these priceless wartime texts...



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