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samedi 22 avril 2017
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Art : George Catlin

George Catlin par William Fisk (1849)

George Catlin (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvanie, 1796 - Jersey City, New Jersey, 1872) est un artiste-peintre américain spécialisé dans la représentation des Indiens d’Amérique et de leurs us et coutumes. En 1821, il abandonne une brillante carrière d’avocat, pour se consacrer à sa passion : peindre les Indiens. Il voyage beaucoup dans les vastes territoires américains, et rapporte des peintures, des dessins et des objets d’artisanat. Son œuvre offre un témoignage essentiel sur la culture amérindienne (Wikipedia).

The White Cloud, Head Chief of the Iowas

See-non-ty-a, an Iowa Medicine Man

Buffalo Bull (1845)

Attacking the Grizzly Bear (1844)

War on the plains (1834)

Boy Chief - Ojibbeway (Iowa)

Kei-a-gis-gis, a woman of the Plains Ojibwa

An Indian Ball-Play Stickball

Ball-Play Dance

Tul-lock-chísh-ko, Drinks the Juice of the Stone, in Ball-player’s Dress (Choctaw) 1834

Tul-lock-chísh-ko, Drinks the Juice of the Stone (Choctaw) 1834

Stu-mick-o-súcks, Buffalo Bull’s Back Fat, Head Chief, Blood Tribe

Indian Sun Dance (Sioux)

Dance to the Berdache (Sac and Fox)

Kee-o-kuk (The Running Fox) chief of the Sac

Buffalo Dance, Mandan

Sha-kó-ka (mint), a Mandan girl

Mandan village ca.1833

Osage warrior of the Wha-sha-she band (a subdivision of Hunkah) 1834

Há-tchoo-túc-knee, Snapping Turtle, a Half-breed 1834 (Chief Choctaw Peter Pitchlynn)

Kút-tee-o-túb-bee, How Did He Kill ?, a Noted Brave 1834 (Choctaw)

A Choctaw Woman 1834

Mó-sho-la-túb-bee, He Who Puts Out and Kills, Chief of the Tribe (Choctaw) 1834

River Bluffs, 1320 Miles above St. Louis

A village of the Hidatsa tribe at Knife River.1832

Hól-te-mál-te-téz-te-néek-ee, Sam Perryman (Creek Chief) 1834

Ah’-kay-ee-pix-en, Woman Who Strikes Many

Chee-a-ex-e-co, Daughter of Deer without a Heart 1838

Two Comanche Girls

Chin-cha-pee, Fire Bug That Creeps, Wife of Pigeon’s Egg Head

Eeh-nís-kim, Crystal Stone, Wife of the Chief

Pshán-shaw, Sweet-scented Grass, Twelve-year-old Daughter of Bloody Hand

Jú-ah-kís-gaw, Woman With Her Child in a Cradle

Kah-béck-a, The Twin, Wife of Bloody Hand

Koon-za-ya-me, Female War Eagle

Chée-ah-ká-tchée, Wife of Nót-to-way

Woman and Child, Showing How the Heads of Children are Flattened

Hunt under the Wolf-skin Mask, detail, 1832-1833

Bull Dance, Mandan O-kee-pa Ceremony, 1832

Crow Lodge of Twenty-five Buffalo Skins, 1832-1833

Tcha-káuk-o-ko-máugh, Great Chief, a Boy

Buffalo Bulls Fighting in Running Season-Upper Missouri 1837-1839

Buffalo Chase on the Upper Missouri

The Cutting Scene, Mandan-O-kee-pa Ceremony, 1832


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