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vendredi 18 août 2017
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redressonline, 9 mai 2014

Corruption : Is UKIP the « white knight » of British politics… or just another mercenary of the pro-Israel lobby ?


UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) is poised to cause an earthquake in British politics at the European elections on 22 May. The mainstream parties –Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats– are panicking as they watch UKIP surge ahead in the polls. So much so that they are reported to be conspiring to brand UKIP racist.

United Kingdom

If UKIP’s leader, Nigel Farage, is smart he’ll turn the tables and throw the spotlight on the three parties’ avid support for the racist Israeli regime and its apartheid policies that have terrorized, tormented and dispossessed the Arab Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land throughout the 66 years of brutal occupation. He could expose the many MPs who actively support this criminal cruelty through their membership of Friends of Israel groups that are allowed to flourish in those parties. However, UKIP now has its own Israel fan club, an unseemly blot on any white knight’s escutcheon. But Farage, if not already compromised by Israel lobby funds, should shut it down and hold up his action as a shining example, challenging the others to follow. Of course they will not, or cannot, because they rely so heavily on funding from the same source and are terrified of the backlash. Their paralysis could therefore give UKIP the moral high ground. At the same time UKIP would earn the respect of the rapidly growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, whose campaign against corporations that profit from the occupation are having considerable success.

Nigel Farage

Some 80 % of Conservative MPs/MEPs are reported (by Peter Oborne) to be signed-up Friends of Israel members, which raises the question, Why ? Anything to do with Israel lobby funding ? If so, how can we rely on them to put British interests first ? It is also said that membership of Friends of Israel is an essential stepping-stone to high office. This seems to be confirmed when you look at the involvement in Friends of Israel of the government’s top post-holders.




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