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vendredi 28 juillet 2017
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counterpunch, 26 mai 2014

Informations internationales : Down With Western « Democracy » !

par Andre VITCHEK

Police death squads haunt Brazil’s favelas

A specter is haunting Europe and Western world -it is this time, the specter of fascism. It came quietly, without great fanfare and parades, without raised hands and loud shouts. But it came, or it returned, as it has always been present in this culture, one that has, for centuries, been enslaving our entire planet. As was in Nazi Germany, resistance to the fascist empire is again given an unsavory name : terrorism. Partisans and patriots, resistance fighters –all of them were and have always been defined by fascist bigots as terrorists. By the logic of Empire, to murder millions of men, women and children in all corners of the world abroad is considered legitimate and patriotic, but to defend one’s motherland was and is a sign of extremism.

El Salvador Death squads

German Nazis and Italian Fascists defined their rule as "democratic", and so does this Empire. The British and French empires that exterminated tens of millions of people all over the world, always promoted themselves as "democracies". And now, once again, we are witnessing a tremendous onslaught by the business-political-imperialist Western apparatus, destabilizing or directly destroying entire nations, overthrowing governments and bombing "rebellious" states into the ground. All this is done in the name of democracy, in the name of freedom.

Civilians executed with a bullet to the back of the head in Iraq

An unelected monster, as it has done for centuries, is playing with the world, torturing some, and plundering others, or both. The West, in a final act of arrogance, has somehow confused itself with its own concept of God. It has decided that it has the full right to shape the planet, to punish and to reward, to destroy and rebuild as it wishes.

Students rounded up by Ouattara’s soldiers in Ivory Coast. Many of them never saw their families again

This horrible wave of terror unleashed against our planet, is justified by an increasingly meaningless but fanatically defended dogma, symbolized by a box (made of card or wood, usually), and masses of people sticking pieces of paper into the opening on the top of that box. This is the altar of Western ideological fundamentalism. This is a supreme idiocy that cannot be questioned, as it guarantees the status quo for ruling elites and business interests, an absurdity that justifies all crimes, all lies and all madness. This sacrificial altar is called, Democracy, in direct mockery to what the term symbolizes in its original, Greek, language.



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