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samedi 19 août 2017
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firstlook, 18 mars 2015

Informations internationales : What’s Scarier : Terrorism, or Governments Blocking Websites in its Name ?


Bernard Cazeneuve

The French Interior Ministry on Monday ordered that five websites (1) be blocked on the grounds that they promote or advocate terrorism. “I do not want to see sites that could lead people to take up arms on the Internet”, proclaimed Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

When the block functions properly, visitors to those banned sites, rather than accessing the content of the sites they chose to visit, will be automatically redirected to the Interior Ministry website. There, they will be greeted by a graphic of a large red hand, and text informing them that they were attempting to access a site that causes or promotes terrorism : “you are being redirected to this official website since your computer was about to connect with a page that provokes terrorist acts or condones terrorism publicly”.

No judge reviews (2) the Interior Ministry’s decisions. The minister first requests that the website owner voluntarily remove the content he deems transgressive ; upon disobedience, the minister unilaterally issues the order to Internet service providers for the sites to be blocked. This censorship power is vested pursuant to a law recently enacted in France (3) empowering the interior minister to block websites.

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