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zerohedge, 18 mars 2015

Corruption : Police Frame Innocent People


Gerard Conlon bounded out of the Old Bailey courthouse October 19, 1989, a free man after a judicial panel ruled that British detectives had framed him and three co-defendants in pub bombings carried out by the Irish Republican Army in the fall of 1974

Police have been busted framing innocent people in numerous ways.

For example :

A British judge found that British police framed four innocent men (1) of carrying out an IRA bombing.

Judges in India say that police in Dehli "tampered with and fabricated" (2) evidence against many innocent people.

A New York police investigation supervisor for criminal investigations in seven counties admits that he and another lieutenant faked fingerprint evidence (3) so often that the New York Times called it an "almost routine fabrication of evidence in criminal case".

A deputy sheriff in Florida said (4) : "Planting evidence and lying in your reports are just part of the game".

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw gives the nod to deputies and other law enforcement agents of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office to falsify reports and planting evidence on suspects

A Camden, New Jersey police officer admitted to framing 185 innocent people (5).

A Pasadena, California police officer bragged on tape (6) about how he framed innocent folks.

A judge found that San Francisco police paid people to lie on the witness stand (7), in order to convict innocent people.

Police in Louisiana (8), New York (9), New Jersey (10), Pennsylvania (11), Texas (12), England (13), and all over the world (14) have been caught on tape framing innocent people. They’ve also been busted planting weapons on people (15), as a false flag "justification" for shooting them.

Postscript : Most police officers are honest. But given the enormous power they yield -and since the risk of being killed by law enforcement is much greater (16) than being killed by a terrorist, at least for some sectors of society- there should be zero tolerance for police corruption.


A woman argues with Indian police officers

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