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samedi 29 avril 2017
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imemc, 22 novembre 2015

Proche Orient : Israeli Terrorists Burn Palestinian citizen of Israel to Death

Fadi Hoosh

A group of Israeli terrorists burnt to death a 22 year old Palestinian citizen of Israel, identified as Fadi Hoosh. Israeli police found the burnt body of the Israeli-Palestinian citizen inside a car in the garbage dump of the neighbourhood of Kafr Kannah.


Israeli media sources reported that the police decided to have the body autopsied, in order to know the reason of death, and to search for any hints related to the perpetrators. Witnesses told "Days of Palestine" that the car was damaged from the inside, that it did not appear to have been burned from outside. Palestinian witnesses said that they saw a number of Israeli Jews attacking the 22-year old man, then putting him inside the car and setting it on fire. “After a couple of minutes, they extinguished the fire and left him inside the car and very quickly fled the scene”, witnesses said.

Other Palestinian civilians who were burned alive by Israeli right-wingers since 2014 :

Autopsy Report : Douma Baby was Burned Alive

Reham Dawabsha, Burn Victim from Israeli Arson Attack, Dies Of Her Wounds

Sa’ad Dawabsha, Father Of Burnt To Death Baby, Dies Of His Wounds

Although Israeli authorities were able to determine which Israeli settlers burned the Palestinian family to death, no one was charged :

Arson Suspects Released by Israeli Authorities

Autopsy : Muhammad Abu Khdeir Was Burned Alive

Palestinian, 16, Found Dead After Israeli Mobs March, Chanting “Death To Arabs"

Abu Khdeir Family : "We Demand Justice"

The 14 November 2015 funeral of Lafi Awad, who was killed by Israeli occupations forces in Budrus, West Bank. After heading to the part of Budrus surrounded by Israel’s wall, Lafi and some other young people started throwing stones at Israeli soldiers. He was soon shot in the leg by a rubber bullet. Lafi tried to run away but he was grabbed by soldiers, who dragged him along the ground. As he tried to resist arrest, soldiers fired two more live bullets at him at point-blank, range, according to his cousin Samar Awad. He died before his family could arrive at the scene. He was 20 years old

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