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mardi 22 août 2017
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TASS, 10 janvier 2016

Libya : Urgent international efforts needed to battle terror

Fighters from Misrata fire weapons at Islamic State militants near Sirte, March 15, 2015

Moscow vehemently condemns terror attacks in Libya carried out by the terrorist group Islamic State (banned in Russia), Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Saturday, January 9, 2016, in the wake of the worsening situation, in particular in the political and military sphere in that country.


"We reiterate the need for urgent and coordinated international efforts in order to eliminate the terror threat both in Libya and the Middle East", the foreign ministry said noting that extremists had stepped up their activities in Libya, which "prioritises implementation of the UN Security Council’s Resolution 2259 that aims to introduce law and order within the Libyan territory, to battle terrorism effectively and to revive the country’s economy".


Libya Dawn fighters celebrate as a Libya Dawn aircraft bombed Islamic State militant positions near Sirte, March 17, 2015

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