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samedi 22 juillet 2017
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paulcraigroberts, 15 avril 2016

Syria : Elections Prove Again That Washington And Its Presstitutes Lie Through Their Teeth


The People’s Assembly elections for selecting 250 members from over 3500 candidates from across all Syrian provinces began at 7 AM on April 13, 2016, with voters beginning to arrive at the voting centers early in the morning

Today [April 13, 2016] Syria held parliamentary elections at 7000 polling stations, keeping the voting open an extra five hours to accommodate the massive turnout. All were allowed to vote, even displaced Syrians from the two provinces still terrorized by Washington and Israeli backed ISIS.


Washington is angry, because Syria held elections before Washington had time to purchase its slate of politicians and organize Washington-funded NGOs to take to the streets to protest and to claim that Assad had stolen the election.

Despite the massive voter turnout and extended hours for voting, the US State Department set the tone by declaring that the elections are not legitimate in Washington’s eyes and do not represent “the will of the Syrian people”.

Voting centers, which number over 7300, opened their doors to voters at 7 AM and were initially due to remain open until 7 PM. Later on the day, the Higher Judicial Committee for Elections announced the decision to extend vote-casting for five hours until 12:00 midnight at all polling centers due to massive turnout

Washington’s two-bit punk vassals in London and Paris chimed in with both claiming that the war conditions in Syria to which London and Paris have contributed mean that the idea of elections is “totally unrealistic”.

The New York Times lied, characteristically, that the elections, which seem to demonstrate nationwide solidarity against the Western-backed overthrow of the Syrian government, “highlight divisions and uncertainty”. The Washington Post added its lies and misrepresentations to the propagandistic reporting.

The Western governments are far out on a limb with their lies that the Syrian people prefer to be governed by the Washington supported terrorists who were overrunning their country and conducting with Western supplied weapons mass murder on the Syrian people until Russia put a stop to it. Now the Western liars are exposed yet again by election results, and so the liars must pretend that the election lacks validity.

The voting centers included over 2000 centers in Damascus, 17 in Deir Ezzor, 1047 in Lattakia, 661 in Homs, 347 in Sweida, 741 in Hama, 368 in Hasaka, 816 in Tartous

Contrast the reports coming from the Western conspirators against Syria with the news report by Vanessa Beeley in 21st Century Wire :

Washington’s propaganda onslaught against the Syrian elections is clear evidence that Washington has no commitment to the peace accord and simply used the “peace process” in order to prevent the liberation of Raqqa and Idlib from ISIS.

Putin and Assad should take note that Washington still intends to overthrow the Syrian government and to install either a puppet or chaos as in Iraq and Libya.


Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad (C) casts his vote next to his wife Asma (centre left) inside a polling station during parliamentary elections in Damascus, on April 13, 2016.

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