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mardi 27 juin 2017
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24 septembre 2016

Etats-Unis : Trump got onto the ICANN handover

par Fredrick TOBEN

ICANN headquarters in Playa Vista, Los Angeles

I cannot understand why there is not more of a freakout over the ICANN (1) handover. I guess people have been tricked into believing the internet will never be effectively censored. That is wrong.

United States

A vast majority of top level domain web sites on the internet do not have their own IP addresses (2). The only way to them is via the DNS (3) servers which ICANN will take control of. The DNS servers have all the routing information needed to get to web sites that do not have their own IP adresses. Many people who run their own web sites are clueless about this, they just see the IP address in their Cpanel and figure it will work if they try using it. They are wrong. If they ever copied and pasted that IP address and tried to hit their web site with it, it would produce nothing because 50 other web sites are also using it and the server would not know which one you wanted to get to without the routing information provided by the DNS server.

Want proof of what I just said ? Here it is :

Even (4) does not have its own IP adress. It is shared with other domain. So if you try to access it via direct IP, it does not work.

Part of me is surprised my own web site is run with a more robust configuration than Breitbart, but then again, it is not that much of a shocker because it is really hard to hire people that are smart enough to do it right, and Breitbart is not a one man show. Breitbart is a prime example of a web site that would vaporize completely the second ICANN wanted.

Why would anyone have a web site that did not have it’s own IP address ? Answer : Because it has worked for practically everyone so far, and it is cheaper. Many people do not even know the difference. Due to the problems I have had keeping this web site up and visible, it has three different dedicated IP addresses that can bypass ICANN (as is being publicly stated right now) and work no matter what (so far).

However, I have picked up on a few un-published rumors that ICANN is going to get more control over the web than just the DNS servers. I have heard that they are going to also get control over IP addresses themselves, and will be able to actually shut down IP addresses. This will only be partially effective. You’d still be able to TOR (5) your way in, and perhaps a few proxies (6) or VPN (7) services would work, but for most people, even IP access will be blocked.

Bottom line : Don’t be lazy, thinking "some hacker or programmer is going to save it all" because that won’t be the case. "Hackers and programmers" will probably be able to keep the dedicated IP (8) part of the web visible for themselves, but when it goes dark for anyone who is not like them, practically all web sites that get blocked are going to die eventually because traffic is life, and they won’t be able to survive with only the 3 percent or so of the population that can figure it out and still get to them. And if a web site does not have dedicated IP, even hacker Joe will have no way in.

Bottom line : The only way the web is going to survive is to stop the ICANN hand over.
Initially, everything will probably stay visible because they won’t want it to be so obvious that they just shut it down. But they will definitely be taking baby steps every single day towards getting it shut down, and over the course of a couple years, it will be gone. Failing to stop the handover, (which does not need to happen) equates to kissing it all goodbye, At least Trump is onto this but do not expect him to be your savior when practically all of Congress is as infiltrated as the White House, and even Brietbart (at last check) has been blocked and cannot get the word out.

The only way to stop it is to start screaming now.

Fredrick TOBEN

Notes :








(8) What’s a Dedicated IP ?

Most larger websites or ecommerce enabled sites have dedicated IP addresses. This means that your site is the only one on the internet using that unique IP number. For example, if you typed into your web browsers address bar you would see Yahoo !’s website come up. This is their dedicated IP address and no one elses. This is their unique address on the web that has been attached to the domain name

If you have a business oriented website then you probably will need a dedicated IP address for your site. Especially if you have a merchant account and accept credit card payments on your site. You can’t even get an SSL certificate for your website until you have a dedicated IP address. You can get around this by using a PayPal shopping cart or something else hosted off your site. But, most people don’t like the idea of sending the customer to a new address to close the deal.


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